Alexander S. Banks, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
asbanks [at]

short bio


Deepti Ramachandran, Ph.D.


Post-doctoral Research Fellow

dramach1 [at]

William Bernard William Bernard


Research Assistant

wbernard [at]

Marissa Cortopassi Marissa Cortopassi


Research Assistant

mcortopa [at]


Lab Alumni:

Pete Zushin, research assistant

Katie LeClair, research assistant

David Deng, research assistant

Amir I. Mina, research assistant

Dimitrije Cabarkapa, research assistant

James Dobbs, undergraduate researcher

Marie Carroll, undergraduate researcher

Rachel Chapman, undergraduate researcher

Vicky Ceperuelo-Mallafré, post-doctoral research fellow

Colin Palmer, post-doctoral research fellow

Shangyu Hong, post-doctoral research fellow

Emelia Liu, visiting scientist

Jessica A. Hall, post-doctoral research fellow

Thiago Belchior de Oliveira, post-doctoral research fellow

Yuchen He, research assistant

June Corrigan, research assistant

Anu Rajendran, post-doctoral research fellow

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