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R Shiny Developer

We are seeking a developer to help us refine and expand an existing, deployed Shiny application used in biomedical research. Your role will be to develop new app functionality and to work with a beta-testing team. The core requirements are prior demonstrated experience with R & Shiny and to write clear, well-documented code.

One of the challenges in the study of obesity is understanding factors that influence the balance between food intake and energy burned by metabolic processes. This project develops easy-to-use but sophisticated analysis software to analyze the large datasets used in modern energy balance experiments. We are an academic lab that hosts a free Shiny web tool for the scientific community to enhance data analysis, data quality standards and data re-usability for these types of experiments.


· Building new statistical tools for physiological data (e.g. time series models, multiple linear regression, power calculation)

· Improve data visualizations

· Troubleshooting

· Good team working skills, receptive to feedback from the beta-testing team


· Strong demonstrated experience with R Shiny

· Good communication skills


· Remote or onsite at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA USA

More info: · CalR app · Publication 1: Description of the CalR project · Publication 2: A big-data approach to understanding metabolic rate and response to obesity in laboratory mice

Application: Resume or CVs can be submitted to Please include links to prior Shiny projects.