Selected Prior Publications

  • Banks AS, Li J, McKeag L, Hribal ML, Kashiwada M, Accili D, Rothman Deletion of SOCS7 Leads to Enhanced Insulin Action and Enlarged Islets of Langerhans. J Clin Invest 2005 Sept. 115(9):2462-71.
  • Banks AS, Davis SM, Bates SH, Myers MG Jr. Activation of downstream signals by the long form of the leptin receptor. Biol Chem 2000 May 12; 275(19):14563-72.
  • Banks AS, Kon N, Knight C, Rossetti L, Gutiérrez-Juárez R, Gu W, Accili D. SirT1 gain-of-function increases energy efficiency and prevents diabetes in mice. Cell Metabolism 2008 Oct;8(4):331-41.
  • Banks AS*, Kim-Muller JY*, Mastracci TL, Kofler NM, Qiang L, Haeusler RA, Jurczak MJ, Laznik D, Samuel VT, Shulman GI, Papaioannou VE, Accili D. Dissociation of the glucose and lipid regulatory functions of FoxO1 by targeted knock-in of acetylation-defective alleles in mice. Cell Metabolism 2011 Nov 2;14(5):587-97.
  • Kim-Muller JY, Kim YJ, Fan J, Zhao S, Banks AS, Prentki M, Accili D., FoxO1 Deacetylation Decreases Fatty Acid Oxidation in beta-cells and Sustains Insulin Secretion in Diabetes. J Biol Chem. 2016 May 6;291(19):10162-72.
  • Qiang L, Banks AS, Accili D. Uncoupling of acetylation from phosphorylation regulates FoxO1 function independent of its subcellular localization. J Biol Chem 2010 Aug 27;285(35):27396-401.
  • Choi JH, Banks AS, Estall JL, Kajimura S, Boström P, Laznik D, Ruas JL, Chalmers MJ, Kamenecka TM, Blüher M, Griffin PR, Spiegelman BM. Anti-diabetic drugs inhibit obesity-linked phosphorylation of PPARgamma by Cdk5. Nature 2010 Jul 22;466(7305):451-6.
  • Choi JH*, Banks AS*, Kamenecka TM*, Busby SA*, Chalmers MJ, Kumar N, Kuruvilla DS, Shin Y, He Y, Bruning JB, Marciano D, Cameron MD, Laznik D, Jurczak MJ, Schürer SC, Vidovic D, Shulman GI, Spiegelman BM**, Griffin PR**. Potent Anti-Diabetic Actions of a Non-Agonist PPARgamma Ligand that Blocks Cdk5-Mediated Phosphorylation. Nature 2011 Sep 4;477(7365):477-81. *Authors contributed equally

Banks Lab Publications 2015 –

  • Paulo JA, McAllister FE, Everley RA, Beausoleil SA, Banks AS, Gygi SP. Effects of MEK inhibitors GSK1120212 and PD0325901 in vivo using 10-plex quantitative proteomics and phosphoproteomics. 2015 Jan 15(2-3):462-73
  • Banks AS, McAllister FE, Gygi SP, Zushin PH, Laznik-Bogoslavski D, Camporez JP, Jurczak MJ, Shulman GI, Spiegelman BM, An Erk/Cdk5 axis controls the diabetogenic actions of PPARγ. Nature. 2015 Jan 15;517(7534)
  • Khandekar MJ, Banks AS, Laznik-Bogoslavski D, White JP, Choi JH, Kazak L, Lo JC, Cohen P, Wong KK, Kamenecka TM, Griffin PR, and Spiegelman BM, Noncanonical agonist PPARgamma ligands modulate the response to DNA damage and sensitize cancer cells to cytotoxic chemotherapy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115(3):561-6.
  • Palmer CJ, Bruckner RJ, Paulo JA, Kazak L, Long JZ, Mina AI, Deng Z, LeClair KB, Hall JA, Hong S, Zushin PH, Smith KL, Gygi SP, Hagen S, Cohen DE, Banks AS, Cdkal1, a Type 2 Diabetes susceptibility gene, regulates mitochondrial function in adipose tissue. Mol Metab. 2017 Oct;6(10):1212-1225
  • Hong S, Song W, Zushin PH, Liu B, Jedrychowski MP, Mina AI, Deng Z, Cabarkapa D, Hall JA, Palmer CJ, Aliakbarian H, Szpyt J, Gygi SP, Tavakkoli A, Lynch L, Perrimon N, Banks AS, Phosphorylation of Beta-3 Adrenergic Receptor at Serine 247 by ERK MAP Kinase Drives Lipolysis in Obese Adipocytes, Mol Metab, 2018 Jun;12:25-38.
  • Mina AI, LeClair RA, LeClair KB, Cohen DE, Lantier L, and Banks AS. CalR: A Web-based Analysis Tool for Indirect Calorimetry Experiments. Cell Met. 2018 Oct 2;28(4):656-666

BWH Metabolic Core Collaborative Publications

  • Lee YJ, Liu C, Liao M, Sukhova GK, Shirakawa J, Abdennour M, Iamarene K, Andre S, Inouye K, Clement K, Kulkarni RN, Banks AS, Libby P, Shi GP., Deficiency of FcϵR1 Increases Body Weight Gain but Improves Glucose Tolerance in Diet-Induced Obese Mice. Endocrinology. 2015 Nov;156(11):4047-58.
  • Okada K, LeClair KB, Zhang Y, Li Y, Ozdemir C, Krisko TI, Hagen SJ, Betensky RA, Banks AS, Cohen DE, Thioesterase superfamily member 1 suppresses cold thermogenesis by limiting the oxidation of lipid droplet-derived fatty acids in brown adipose tissue. Mol Metab. 2016 Feb 23;5(5):340-51
  • Lynch L, Hogan AE, Duquette D, Lester C, Banks A, LeClair K, Cohen DE, Ghosh A, Lu B, Corrigan M, Stevanovic D, Maratos-Flier E, Drucker DJ, O’Shea D, Brenner M, iNKT Cells Induce FGF21 for Thermogenesis and Are Required for Maximal Weight Loss in GLP1 Therapy. Cell Metab. 2016 Sep 13;24(3):510-9.
  • Kazak L, Chouchani ET, Lu GZ, Jedrychowski MP, Bare CJ, Mina AI, Kumari M, Zhang S, Vuckovic I, Laznik-Bogoslavski D, Dzeja P, Banks AS, Rosen ED, Spiegelman BM, Genetic Depletion of Adipocyte Creatine Metabolism Inhibits Diet-Induced Thermogenesis and Drives Obesity. Cell Metab. 2017;26(4):660-71
  • Chang SK, Kohlgruber AC, Mizoguchi F, Michelet X, Wolf BJ, Wei K, Lee PY, Lynch L, Duquette D, Ceperuelo-Mallafre V, Banks AS, Brenner MB. Stromal cell cadherin-11 regulates adipose tissue inflammation and diabetes. J Clin Invest. 2017;127(9):3300-12.
  • Kohlgruber AC, Gal-Oz S, LaMarche NM, Duquette D, Nguyen HN, Mina AI, Shimazaki M, Paras T, Tavakkoli A, Andrian U, Banks AS, Shay T, Brenner MB, Lynch L, γδ T cells producing IL-17A regulate adipose Treg homeostasis and thermogenesis, Nature Immunol. 2018 May;19(5):464-474.
  • Long JZ, Roche AM, Berdan CA, Louie SM, Roberts AJ, Svensson KJ, Dou FY, Bateman LA, Mina AI, Deng Z, Jedrychowski MP, Lin H, Kamenecka TM, Asara JM, Griffin PR, Banks AS, Nomura DK, Spiegelman BM, Ablation of PM20D1 reveals N-acyl amino acid control of metabolism and nociception. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Jul 2. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Mina AI, LeClair RA, LeClair KB, Cohen DE, Lantier L, and Banks AS. CalR: A Web-based Analysis Tool for Indirect Calorimetry Experiments. Cell Met. 2018 Oct 2;28(4):656-666


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